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Dry Eye

I wanted to write my fall blog about a condition that is very common in our practice called dry eye.

Dry eye can be as a result of two factors. First, an inadequate amount of tears in the in the eye. The second factor, can be a poor quality of tears in the eye. There are three different layers to the tear film, if one does not act properly it can lead to the tears evaporating too quickly.

There are varying causes of dry eye. An inadequate amount of tears can be due to the environment, medications, and medical conditions such as thyroid disease or diabetes. A poor quality of tears can be from factors such as eyelid crusting, or poor blinking from loose eyelids.

Much of the treatment depends on the cause. There are many different artificial tears which can help. Also, blocking the tear ducts with plugs can keep a greater supply of tears in the eye. There is the prescription medicine restasis which can help with poor tear quality. Additionally, diet and nutritional supplements can play a role in the treatment.

If you have symptoms of dry eye, please make an appointment, and let us determine how to help you.

Dr. Spind


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