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Firefly Digital Slit Lamp Imaging System

High-Quality Imaging

When viewing structures of the eye, it is critical to see everything clearly. Unlike other slit lamps where the camera is an attachment added later, the Firefly has an HD camera built-in and was designed “from the ground up” with video capture in mind, resulting in a sleek, versatile tool that doesn’t require you to compromise on the quality of your images.

The Firefly provides sharp, high-definition images, and its Wide Dynamic Range allows for clear views of the eye’s anatomy by automatically using wavelengths similar to natural light.

Redefining Patient Education

The Firefly was built to serve our patient’s needs with practical applications in mind. Instead of interrupting the examination to educate our patients, the capture button on the Firefly allows us to easily save key parts of the exam to discuss with you after it’s complete.

Our Doctor can choose which parts of the recordings are most important to talk through with our patients, and then sit down with you to give you a real look at what’s going on with tour eyes while we discuss your treatment options. The Firefly helps transform relationships with our patients and allows us to make you more informed about your eye health.

The Most Effective Tools for Dry Eye

Meibomian Gland Observation

Built-in infrared light source allows our doctor to accurately judge the absence of the meibomian glands.

Red Eyes Analysis and Keratopathy Exposure

With a built-in yellow filter, our doctor can accurately analyze eye surface damage and inflammation images.

Tear Film Breakup Time

High-performance digital module, doctors can get the tear film breakup time and judge the stability of it by high-resolution video recording.

Tear Meniscus Height

Allows our doctor to obtain accurate tear meniscus height measurements and effectively evaluate tear meniscus height.