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Myopia Control for Children

Finally, an alternative to stronger glasses for your child.

Parents, are you worried about your child getting stronger and stronger glasses every year? Unfortunately you should be!! It’s now proven that more severe myopia leads to a dramatic increase in the risk of serious eye diseases as people age. Diseases such as macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and glaucoma all can be caused by increased myopia.

There is a current worldwide myopia epidemic. Children today are becoming more and more myopic at rates that we haven’t seen in the past. Genetics, less outdoor activities, and dramatic increase in the use of digital devices are all to blame.

Glasses and most soft contact lenses can correct the blurry vision that myopia produces, but they don’t address the progression of myopia. The result of myopia progressions is an increase overall length of the eyeball which is what leads to serious eye diseases.

At Glen Burnie Eyecare, Dr Stuart Spind is certified in multiple treatment options for myopia control.

One option is orthokerotology. This gentle non-surgical treatment uses custom designed contact lenses that reduce the effect and progression of myopia with continuous overnight wear. Each lens are made specifically for the patient’s unique eyes, and they work in a comfortable manner to reshape the cornea while sleeping. Once the lens is removed in the morning, the patient will have clear vision all day without the need for glasses and contact lenses. Dr Spind is certified by Paragon CRT, Euclid, and Contex to fit their custom orthokerotology lenses. He has extensive experience with all designs, and can use our in office technology to select the best one for each patient.

A new method of myopia control is Misight by Coopervision. This method uses soft disposable contact lenses that must be worn throughout the day to achieve success. These work by changing the focus of light on the retina. Dr. Spind is now certified to use this new technology.

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