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Icare Eidon Retinal Imaging

Experience Next-generation Eye Care With Icare Eidon Retinal Imaging at Glen Burnie Eye Care

Glen Burnie Eye Care, is proud to introduce the revolutionary iCare Eidon Retinal Imaging system, a leap forward in retinal imaging in Anne Arundel County. This advanced technology redefines the standards of family eye care, offering unprecedented clarity and detail in eye diagnostics. Schedule your retinal exam today!

Cutting-edge Technology For Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Unparalleled Image Quality: The iCare Eidon system is the first TrueColor Confocal imaging device. It provides ultra-high resolution widefield imaging, capturing the retina’s intricacies with unmatched clarity. This technology ensures that our patients at Glen Burnie Eye Care receive the most accurate diagnoses.

Versatile Imaging Options: With multiple imaging modalities, including TrueColor, blue, red, Red-Free, and infrared confocal images, iCare Eidon offers a comprehensive view of your eye health. This versatility is essential for early detection and monitoring of conditions like Diabetic Retinopathy.

Patient-Friendly Features: Designed with comfort in mind, the iCare Eidon allows dilation-free operation with a minimum pupil size of 2.5 mm. This feature ensures a comfortable experience for our family eye care patients, especially those who may find traditional dilation methods challenging.

Learn More About the iCare Eidon Retinal Imaging system today and schedule your retinal exam at Glen Burnie Eye Care.

Advantages For Patients At Glen Burnie Eye Care

Widefield Imaging Capabilities: iCare Eidon’s widefield optics range from 90° to 200°, allowing detailed imaging of both the central retina and its periphery. This is crucial for the early detection and management of peripheral retinal pathologies, a key aspect of retinal imaging in Glen Burnie.

TrueColor Imaging: The use of white light LED in iCare Eidon provides TrueColor imaging with superior color fidelity. This feature enhances the diagnostic process, allowing our eye specialists at Glen Burnie  Eye Care to observe the retina as it appears naturally.

Ease of Use and Comfort: The system’s fully automated capabilities, from auto-alignment to auto-capture, streamline the examination process. Coupled with a motorized chin rest and soft flash, iCare Eidon offers a relaxed and efficient experience for our patients at Glen Burnie Eye Care.

The Best Retinal Imaging In Glen Burnie

At Glen Burnie Eye Care, we are committed to providing the best retinal imaging in Maryland. With the introduction of the iCare Eidon system, we are setting new standards in family eye care, ensuring that our patients have access to the most advanced eye diagnostic tools available.